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Paving Services

We are a family-owned paving company that has been in business for over 40 years. We operate out of Vermilion, and South Amherst, Ohio but we service the surrounding areas as well. Asphalt paving is a common and effective method for creating or repairing road surfaces, driveways, and parking lots. Please fill out the info below or give us a call for a free quote.

Hart Asphalt offers asphalt paving as a viable solution for situations where the deterioration of asphalt is irreparable or when establishing a new asphalt surface is necessary. Our commitment is to ensure the utmost longevity in our paving services, whether you require residential repaving or you're a business owner looking to repave your parking lot. 

If we determine the overall condition is good with some problem areas an asphalt overlay will be preformed. First we start by cleaning the surface and then adding a tack coat. This is applied because when we apply the new surface layer it will help it adhere to the existing. Asphalt overlays are typically the most cost affective option when paving. 

The other options are mill & fill, tear out and replace, and all new pavement. For the mill & fill option we take our large mill and typically mill out 2". This allows us to then pave our new course and end up at the same height as it was previously. Tear out and replace is applicable when the current surface is too far gone to be saved. There will be large pot holes present, the asphalt could be pumping, or the surface would be deteriorated to the point where it's nonexistent

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Service Area

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